Building Assessment
Building assessments
Building assessments

4site employs internationally proven software to gather accurate data on the most detailed aspects of a building.

The result is a rigorous, comprehensive picture that enables timely, accurate decisions for property managers and owners.

For the first time in New Zealand, building owners and managers can accurately analyse the current status of their property portfolio and also confidently plan long term maintenance, based on facts rather than subjective judgements.

Property Condition Assessment  

In the digital age, no one should be hand collecting and assembling condition reports. 4site Property Condition Assessment captures data, including photos, and uploads it to the cloud for consolidation, quality assurance review and analysis.

4site saves time and reduces your costs, while improving the accuracy and usability of asset data.

Facility Condition Assessment

Facilities Managers are under increasing pressure to provide value and visibility to their clients.

4site allows you to deliver highly accurate data to your clients while dramatically reducing data collection costs.

We help you systematically examine conditions in detail and identify maintenance priorities based on client objectives.

By standardising the data collection process, 4site provides a consistent approach to assessing and understanding facility conditions. No more handwritten notes or static, error-prone spreadsheets.


To find out more about building- or facility condition assessments, call 09 810 8119 or email